If you've been in the hobby for more than a day, then you know how fast the sports card market moves. There are now more options than ever to buy/sell/research your cards. In fact our founders are some of the most integrated and largest buyers/sellers in the industry... so we know first hand the complexities that exist within the marketplace.

But let's not kid ourselves, one of THE MOST frustrating hurdles in the hobby is the fees and frustrations of selling your cards. It was expensive 2 years ago...and it's substantially more expensive now.

The largest marketplace in the world - eBay - now has an average seller transaction fee of 13%. Even the alternatives like COMC & StarStock - can potentially be more convenient - but remove the personality out of transaction and may only slightly reduce your fees.

We wanted to provide a simple alternative. NO CLUTTER. Just you, your graded card/wax, and the transaction.

The past 6 months we've put together TheCardFlip.com to help promote direct transactions built around trust and simplicity.

If you are a BUYER, welcome to the simplest way to buy GRADED CARDS & SEALED WAX in the hobby.

If you are a SELLER, welcome to a marketplace focused on YOU!

You can read more about the requirements for BUYERS & SELLERS below, but know this for sure....


TheCardFlip Team